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How To – Japanese DLsite purchasing FAQ online

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sorting fact from April Fools fiction

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It’s April Fool’s Day – prank radar ENGAGED

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Easter Egg Sale – 20% off all items in stock at Play-Asia!

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TAF starts today – on the lookout for news

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Rest in peace, Gary Gygax.

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HD site renewal in progress!

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figure release schedule updated!

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figure release schedule updated!

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updates will be light this weekend as I’m working to finish a doujin in time to get it printed for Comiket.

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figure release schedule updatedSeihouin Erika in stock!

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lifesize Paper Moon figure exhibition opens in Akihabara

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Vocaloid2 #02 Kagamine Rin gets a twin

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Yoko (space look) dakimakura up for 2,900 yen at HLJ!

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figure release schedule updated

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Max Factory Ruka and Bridget galleries up at Amiami

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Meifeng for sale; details here

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Funny Knights Petra gallery up

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Nendoroid Hatsune Miku leek version unveiled

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figure release schedule updated

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figure release schedule petit update

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[ERO] Chichinoe+2 is in stock at Play Asia

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[ERO] Chichinoe+2 is shipping today

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[ERO] Sanae is available at Play Asia!

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[ERO] new Jinkou Shoujo 3 demo up for download later today

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Doubutsu Nee-chan Momo updated with [ERO] chest option shots

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Mogudan updates his new site yet again

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[ERO] Gundam 00 erodoujin assault begins (artist site)