The Queen’s Gate lineup was augmented yesterday with the announcement both on the series’ official site as well as online shop listings of the coming release of a Shiranui Mai combat artbook! The buxom heroine of the King of Fighters / Fatal Fury game series will be illustrated by Izumi Mahiru, doujin artist and eroge character designer of titles including Light’s R.U.R.U.R. The book will be in the standard Queen’s Blade format (64 pages, hardcover, full color) and is scheduled for release on October 31st. Cover image below:

For those needing a refresher, Queen’s Gate is the spinoff series of books derived from the Queen’s Blade combat artbook game system that includes copyrighted characters originating outside the Queen’s Blade universe. Thus far it has included Iroha from Samurai Spirits and Pastel Ink from Moetan, as well as the original Niθ-designed Alice (the character who acts as the conceptual bridge between the two sister book lines). Shiranui Mai marks the third entry in the series to originate from another intellectual property franchise.

….sooooo preordered. <_<