The official site of (heretofore exclusively) figure maker Daiki Kougyou was updated today with a listing for an item that breaks new ground for the company: a Kanu Unchou dakimakura cover from Ikkitousen Great Guardians. The case is scheduled to retail in November at 10,500 yen (case only), is sized 160 x 50 cm and features two original illustrations from animator Miyazawa Tsutomu, printed on suede fabric. According to the listing the case is available exclusively via Daiki’s online shop, so international customers may have to use a proxy. Pillow images below:

Damn you Daiki, why must you put out what is arguably the sexiest Kanu pillow yet… ;_;

With this listed as the first of their lineup we’ll be on the lookout for subsequent installments in the coming months; hopefully they’ll learn the merits of unlimited distribution soon.