Figure and goods maker Jun Planning updated their official site yesterday evening with a listing for a new Sanzenin Nagi figure from comedy manga and anime Hayate no Gotoku!. Seated holding a removable game controller and flashing a “V” sign, she’s scheduled for release in August at 1/8 scale (10 cm tall) and a very reasonable 4,179 yen retail. The sculpt is from Kiyama Naotake of Hyper Space. Figure images below:

Preorders are expected to appear online shortly.

A quick look at the Hyper Space blog shows prototypes of Louise and Tifania from Zero no Tsukaima in the works as well. These may be resin kits only, but a recent report at the Hobby Stock blog mentions both a coming Tifania PVC and a Louise Nendoroid (!) in the works, so we’ll keep an eye out for further news there.

Totally unrelated, but while I’m on the subject of sculptor blogs – when we scooped Daiki’s Real Arrange line a glance at diskvision’s blog revealed a Ryomou in progress as well as the Kanu initially confirmed to launch the series.

Thus far the Ryomou is resin only as far as we know, so I neglected to mention it then; HD readers The_Pseudokings and Supabota both reminded me that it was probably significant regardless, so for the record I’m bringing it up: there might be a Real Arrange Ryomou coming as well. We’ll be watching for further news.