You may have noticed that there haven’t been any Mainichi updates for about a week. There’s no serious reason for the lapse, but motivation is at a bit of an ebb right now and to avoid a more serious case of burnout I’m deliberately pulling back from a super-intense update schedule for a little while. I’ll still be posting daily with news items of interest, but for the time being they’ll be displayed in the center column in the place of Mainichi posts until I can get back on the daily summary schedule. More below:

Apologies for the abatement in coverage. I’m already finding that “less is more” and taking a step away from the intense news tracking of the past few months is helping me get truly excited about things again… I don’t anticipate that this down time will last very long as a result. Perhaps through Anime Expo (I’ll be attending the event again this year to sell games at the J-List booth). More on that later, though… in the mean time stay tuned for continued regular updates!