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See below for first impressions of Happoubi Jin’s Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo, as well a preview the fifth Shuraki figure, Rize:


I played through the first day or so of game time in Happoubi Jin‘s Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo this evening, and thus far it’s been quite enjoyable.

The game starts with a bit of background: you grew up on a small volcanic island, leading a simple country life without much experience of the outside world. All that changed when the volcano on the island erupted, forcing most of those living there to relocate temporarily while the place was cleaned up.

Your parents decided to use this opportunity to take an extended honeymoon, and arranged for you to go live with relatives in the city (presumably Tokyo) while they were traveling around the world. When you arrive at your relatives’ house you meet the family’s three beautiful daughters (who you had met once before a long time ago when they came to visit you on the island). You find out that their parents passed away some time ago, so you’ll be living with just the three of them as you attend your new school in the capital…

Like other recent Happoubi games this one wastes no time letting you know it’s an eroge, with a gratuitous shot of the heroine naked (no one answered the door so you walked into the house, she was coming out of the shower and needed at towel…), then later that night you catch the mischievous YUKI.N-type masturbating, and the absent-minded onee-san is all over you with her chest – all in the first day. The next morning the main heroine comes to wake you up, and you somehow end up with your penis caught in her panties… yeah.

end spoilers

The characterizations seem inoffensive, if stereotypical, and the voice acting is decent; the system is well put together and the visual design is tight. Pretty much all you could ask for in a game of this sort, and I look forward to seeing more of the bizarre plot devices used to get both you and the heroines improbably naked. <_< There's a free-roaming map part of the game that I haven't reached yet, but presumably once the intro is over it lets you choose where you want to go throughout the day, and which girl you want to target. I'll report back with a more thorough look at Kanojo^3 when I get the chance to play it more thoroughly. This and Majodou were the two highest priority games for me this weekend so I’m not quite sure what I’ll do tomorrow – if there’s a game you saw in the batch yesterday that you’re curious about let me know and I can queue it up.

Shuraki vol. 5 Rize

Rize arrived this evening – review coming tomorrow!