Today’s Update

See below for an uncensored look at Goodsmile’s Chu Chu Astram, a selection of recent news, and the day’s recommendations:

Chu Chu Astram Cast Off

She came in this evening! I’ll try to have a review up by tomorrow night:

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Ero News

Media News

  • Ultraviolet Code 044 – another of this summer’s kick-ass heroines, though she’s kind of hard to look at

Play-Asia Recommendations

CDJapan Recommendations

J-List Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    Flash-based ero fighting game featuring Shiranui Mai – pummel her to submission then do various “finishing moves”. 46 base CG, also included as separate files.
    Female voiced animated eroge – more information here, demo download here.
    Futanari Gundam 00 CG collection. 14 base images plus 53 variations.
    Dark-skinned characters CG collection. 14 base images plus 42 variations and 31 omake rough images. From various artists. Kinda tentacley.

    Monster Hunter CG collection + short stories. Contains 15 base CG, over 45 total CG. Contains some maniac (monster-based) themes. My personal pick for the day.
    Gundam 00 CG collection. Total of 42 images (base and variations included), plus additional high resolution versions.
    Ichigo 100% 3D fully female voiced eroanime. A total of 12 video file scenes, approx. 45 minutes long. Demo available for download here. Another of the day’s recommendations.
    Fully female voiced semi-pro doujin eroge. Contains 40 base images and over 170 variations. Hardcore coercion content present; discretion is advised. Demo here, official site here.

    Full color exhibitionism-themed eromanga (jpg format). 17 pages plus five non-text pages for a total of 23 images.
    Dragon Quest 3-themed CG collection, includes animation. Recommended based on the art, but total image count is unknown.
    Doujinshi compilation featuring Street Fighter’s Sakura. 109 pages total in PDF format, combines past releases of “PULP compilation 1.5”, “crybaby Sakura” and “basic instinct”.

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by Mogudan and the letter R:

My copy of Mogudan’s new Rei omake compilation arrived today, and I can assure anyone on the fence that it is indeed worth the proxy fees. Stocks are dwindling at Tora though… I can provide more information on the book’s content if anyone is interested, though I’m sure scans have been circulating for awhile now.

I haven’t had time yet to venture further into Friday’s eroge acquisitions, but the night is still young. :3