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Magazine Review: Megami vol. 98 (July 2008)

With yesterday’s release of the July ’08 issue of Megami Magazine things are officially heating up in the countdown to issue 100! The sticker price was raised to reflect the presence of additional extras, and unlike last issue there are no Nanoha filler posters to be found – just pure original poster goodness, and a lot of nice ones at that. Read on for a look at one of the best Megami issues to appear in recent months:

May 30th eroge download release roundup

This weekend’s list of download releases includes several of the new budget titles that we introduced on Thursday, as well as a wide range of reduced-price reissues including Clockup’s sci-fi epic ZWEI WORTER,, M no Violet’s tale of hospital love and deception Swindle, and a pair of classic releases from the Ail catalog (including the original Ryoujoku, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year). Details below: