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May 29th-30th eroge package release roundup

We scoop one of the biggest eroge release weekends of 2008 tonight, presenting a mix of 25 new package releases that range from budget titles to heavy hitters like the new ef sequel from minori and G-Senjou no Maou from Akabee Soft. This weekend also sees the release of games from two of my favorite artists: Majodou from Sano Toshihide (G.J?), and Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo from Happoubi Jin (ωstar). We’ll bring sustained coverage of several of these titles through the coming weekend, but for now here’s the lot of them at a glance:

FREEing’s Kimidori Emiri preorder open

Goodsmile updated their official site this morning with a product listing for FREEing‘s Kimidori Emiri bunny girl PVC figure from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (earlier HD coverage here). She’s scheduled for release in August at 11,800 yen retail, and along with the other releases in FREEing’s Haruhi bunny series she’s 1/4 scale (25 cm tall). As is also typical of the series the sculptor goes uncredited. Along with her listing at Goodsmile she’s now up for preorder at Amiami as well, so listings at other retailers should follow soon. Images below:

July ’08 figure magazine postscript

Scans from Dengeki Hobby retrieved from 2chan’s mokeiura board yesterday evening report a few new interesting figure announcements: Goodsmile will be producing Unity Yuuno from Unisonshift Accent’s latest eroge project Unity Marriage. The sculpt is from Tokunaga Hironori, and she’s due out in “winter 2008” at 1/8 scale (20 cm tall), no price yet specified. The second item of note is a Diedrich Schultz (ディードリッヒ・シュルツ) figure from Eulenspiegel (オイレンシュピーゲル), a visual novel series illustrated by Hakua Ugetsu. Production is from Organic and the figure is due out in August at 1/8 scale; no further information is currently available. A Bulma (Dragonball) prize figure is also shown from Banpresto (out in June), along with a Nanoha Signum that can only be assumed to come from Atelier-Sai. The Bubba Yuki on the right is a mail-order kit promotion from Figure Maniax Otome-gumi, on sale June 10th. Images below: