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Elf.k's first ever DLsite doujin now available for download!

    Doujin veterean Elf.k represents! He’s been producing CG illustration collections on CD-ROM for years, and while they’ve been up for download sale at DejiPare for awhile this is the first time he’s made his work accessible at the more user-friendly DLsite. This set consists of 11 illustrations plus variations and various sizes (800×600, 1600×1200, and print resolution), featuring Tachibana Rei from Pani Poni Dash having more fun with phalli than she probably should. For other samples of elf.k’s work his blog is located here.

    The latest two CG collections from veteran digital artist Gegera are presented here in a value priced set! The sets “Dame Drill” and “Triple O” respectively feature the cast of Gurren Lagann and Gundam 00, in his characteristic exaggeratedly chesty style. The number of images in the set is unknown, but if past precedent holds it’s probably around 15-20 total images.
    Circle Momochichi presents a compilation of two doujinshi originally released in 2004-2005 based on Felicia and Q-Bee from Darkstalkers (Vampire). The characters gets 20 pages of love each, along with extras, guest illustrations and high-res versions resulting in a total of 90 images in the set. Presented in JPG format.
    The protagonist loses his parents in an unfortunate accident, but before he has time to grieve and feel alone he’s joined by two girls who introduces themselves as his father’s illegitimate children! This love comedy visual novel from semi-pro doujin circle Yumemisou is fully female voiced, with OP and ED theme songs, 11 event scenes and 27 unique CG images + variations for over 140 CG. A trial version is available for download here.
    This original CG collection plus text from circle Hamasei tells the story of a son who convinces his mother and her classmate (from their earlier school days, she’s now a stylist) to have sex with him, both in their regular clothes and in maid cosplay. A maniac set for those into milf action and pregnancy. Contains 19 base CG images, plus high-res versions.

    There’s nothing “petit” about circle %PETUAL’s interpretation of Allean, one of the newest Queen’s Blade heroines (her book is due out on June 20th). This “mini CG collection” includes a set of images of the amply-endowed interpretation of Allean and a bunch of tentacles having their way with her in a most saucy fashion, including seven base images plus six variations for a total of 13, presented at multiple high resolutions.
    Ok, so that’s probably not the best way to translate the title of this semipro doujin release, but it gives the general impression. Morning Star presents this full female voice, RAYMON designed hardcore doujin game with a total of 98 CG images (variations included). Not a game for those turned off by coercive themes. A demo is available for download here.
    Another semi-pro doujin game, this one from circle BLUEWATER. The theme of the game is basically Death Note, with sex – when you write a person’s name in a mysterious notebook you assume their identity, not kill them. Features CG art from the famous Korie Riko, with sample CG and more game info available at the official site.
    Circle Noraneko Koubou presents this mixture of Dragon Quest 5 and Final Fantasy 5 heroines in one delicious CG collection. Maniac content warning (as should be evident from the sample images) – if this looks like your sort of thing, there are 13 base CG plus 39 variations (including clothed and unclothed versions), and two sizes of each image.

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