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See below for additional figure news and miscellany. If you are an artist who admires the work of Mogudan, see the bottom of this post for a message that may pertain to you:

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  • Today’s update was pretty much a wash… will make up for it tomorrow. Yesterday had some good stuff, though.

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by pudding:

Mmm, pudding.

If you are a pretty good artist who works in the milieu of Japanese doujinka such as Mogudan and Nise Kurosaki, your skills are requested! We’re putting together a team to work on an ero doujin game with the themes of: pudding, MILFs, and MILFs eating pudding. We have writers, a director, and a programmer, and music is taken care of. We also have a bad artist (me) but would like a good artist (you). If you’re interested, drop me a line either via email or IRC.