Online shop Rakuten Be-J posted a listing over the noon hour today for a limited edition version of Aoshima‘s Funny Knights Masterpiece of Kuuchuu Yousai Ninja no Shinobu-chan that we first scooped following the recent Shizuoka Hobby Show. Details and images below: Update: further info from Amiami’s listing below:

Update: Amiami’s listing of the regular version credits the sculpt to Alchemy Star (アルケミ☆スタ), a sculptor I’m unfamiliar with. All other details remain consistent with previous listings.

The full title of this item is “アオシマ Master piese of 空中幼彩 「ニンジャしのぶちゃん ま城の冒険vol.1」 しのぶちゃん【流通限定版】”, or Aoshima Masterpiece of Kuuchuu Yousai ‘Ninja no Shinobu-chan Mashiro no Bouken vol. 1’ Shinobu-chan (Ryuutsuu Limited Edition). Like other Aoshima Funny Knights limited editions it seems likely this one will be available internationally; we’ll keep an eye out for the regular edition preorder as well.

According to the listing she’s scheduled for release in mid-July at 7,140 yen retail. Our earlier scoop lists her at 1/7 scale and 18 cm tall, and these new pictures reveal the increased likelihood of some castoffability, consistent with other Funny Knights figures. We’ll bring further information as we get it; with this limited version up it should be just a matter of time before the regular edition follows elsewhere. Still no word on the sculptor…

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