Today’s Updates

See below for a roundup of totally awesome figure and ero news, including more from Hobby Japan (squishy Xecty!), updates on Daiki figures, Volks’s Haruka, Eye Up and others, Pixy’s eroanime release schedule, and a look at the big game releases coming next weekend:

Hobby Japan July ’08 Final

  • The summer ’08 designs for Wonder Festival mascots Wonda and Reset have been revealed! This isn’t terribly big news as the official site has them up now as well, but it’s a reminder that August 3rd is the date to mark on your calendar. Looks like this time the event is returning to the West side of the Big Sight, like it was in the winter of ’06… should provide some great panoramic photo opportunities.
  • More details have emerged on Solid Theater’s release lineup. We’ve seen all of these kits before, but now they have release data and we can expect preorders to open soon for a) Lyrical Lyric’s Takami Rin, from Kuramoto Ikuma (August release at 6,300 yen) and b) Mikazuki Akatsuki‘s Samurai Girl ero novel and eroanime heroine, Kyuuen Setsuna. She’s due out in September with a sculpt from Sugiyama Satoshi (NAGAE Art Production) at 6,090 yen retail.
  • Finally, we’ve got what may be a first color glimpse at Wave’s Dreamtech Xecty from Shining Wind. She’s due out September at 1/8 scale (18 cm long) with a sculpt from Clumsy Craft Rei (price unknown), and in addition to coming with an exchangeable sleeping face part her body is composed of majority “soft” material. We’ll be on the lookout for preorders to appear soon.

Figure News EXTEND

  • Hobby Channel has posted a few more pictures of the upcoming Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade Nanael that we scooped in our HJ coverage a couple of days ago, and confirms the release details we reported then.
  • Amiami updated their listing for Daiki Kougyou’s Vispo-sculpted Seyada Tara recently with additional photos that have allayed many of my worries about the kit, and that along with the look we got at WHF Ariake 18 make me feel a lot better about preordering her.
  • Wondering what else we might be able to expect in PVC from newly indepenent maker Eye Up? Check out their official blog!
  • Moeyo has taken a good (albeit censored) look at Daiki Kougyou’s Akuma-san 2 PVC, and she’s looking pretty decent. I hope they do another pass on the eye decals before release, though.
  • Amiami’s R-Line Uesugi Kenshin listing updated with color photos yesterday, and includes a higher resolution shot of that tantalizing upper angle on her castoff. That’s what really sells the kit for me…
  • Volks’s Moekore+ (Moe Collection Plus) first project, Takamori Haruka from Choukou Sennin Haruka (Beat Blades Haruka), is as of today (May 25th) available for preorder! She’s coming in PVC with release scheduled for late July at 6,500 yen, and this first lot of the kit includes a “special trading card”. Those interested should contact their proxies soon as odds are good she’ll sell out pretty fast.

Ero News

Looking ahead to next week’s batch of major releases we have news from three of the games we’ve been following:

  • G.J?’s Majodou has updated with downloadable wallpapers featuring each of the game’s four main heroines. The cheap Photoshop filter over the background images kind of ruins the effect, sadly. Also a bit disappointing is the seeming lack of a trial version of the game prior to release; I was looking forward to getting a taste of how the story begins.
  • Clockup’s Rinjoku no Shiro has several new updates to report, including updated sample CG (click on “Event”) and Flash-based ero scenes accessible via the individual character profiles (not all profiles have them yet).
  • There are no fresh updates at the official page for ωstar’s Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo, but artist Happoubi Jin is offering an original game wallpaper for download at his personal site. Tanoshimi desuwa~

I’m going to aim to provide impressions of all of these in as timely a manner as possible next weekend… anticipating severe ero overload, but we’ll see how it goes. ^^;;

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Ranka Lee first album out on June 25th!

Episode 8 had some serious issues, but was not without its redeeming qualities… looking forward to more chibi Klan next week!