Griffon’s epic Uesugi Kenshin kit from Sengoku Rance that got me all hot and bothered when she was first revealed at WHF Ariake 18 is as of Amiami’s evening update today available for preorder! She’s scheduled for release from Griffon’s ecchi R-Line brand in August, at 1/7 scale (31 cm tall), castoffable, in completed PVC form, with a sculpt from Ikeda Ryouichi. Along with the August release date the big news in tonight’s listing is the price: 10,290 yen retail. This is about what I was expecting, and well worth paying for the glorious bounty at hand: Update: color images now online and reproduced below:

Heisei Democracy event report: WHF Ariake 18: Industry News - Griffon's PVC Uesugi Kenshin

Images from our WHF Ariake 18 coverage

Amiami’s listing is currently not accompanied by pictures, but we’ll watch for color images of the prototype to appear in coming days.

If you’re wondering what’s so amazing about this kit (aside from the sculpt, which is friggin’ phenomenal): for one thing, it’s a huge poke in the eye of Volks, who has been the only one putting out decent Sengoku Rance kits. It’s an opportunity for fans to support a maker without draconian isolationist practices.

More importantly though, Uesugi Kenshin is an adorable heroine. She’s a kickass swordswoman who goes around Ranceworld’s equivalent of Japan propping up weaker armies in the face of stronger foes, but when she finally comes face to face with Rance she’s smitten by his fangy good looks, and if you’re skillful you can woo her to your side as you gradually take over the country. Seriously, how can you say no to this:

It’s a personal crusade of mine to see this game translated into English before I die. It’s that damn good.

May 23rd Update: Images of a color prototype of the kit have surfaced at the official R-Line site, and are reproduced below:

and from Hobby Stock‘s listing:

Thanks to tCi and Toonleap for the heads up on these!