Starting with her announcement last November we reported on the production of an original Niθ-designed “Aile” (アイル) garage kit under the auspices of Kotobukiya and the Plamo wo Tsukurou! CUSTOM TV show. It shaped up into a very nice kit, but we learned in February that she’d only be available in unpainted/unassembled resin form at Wonder Festival and that was the end of the story – until now. See below for more:

Heisei Democracy does Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: industry news Heisei Democracy does Wonder Festival 2008 Winter: industry news

Word is in from online shop Kid Nemo that Aile will be release in PVC (at least to the international market), at a retail price of $59.99 USD and with a sculpt from Shirahige Tsukuru (白髭創). Release is expected in November; a notice on the Kid Nemo site however says that “THIS VERSION IS FROM KOTOBUKIYA’s NORTH AMERICA DISTRIBUTOR. CANCELLATIONS AND HEAVY DELAYS MAY BE EXPECTED”, so it seems the date is tentative at best.

Regardless this is great news – I just hope they’ll announce her for Japan side release as well. We’ll be on the lookout for more information. Thanks to desudesu for spotting this!

About Niθ

Niθ (pronounced Nishii) is an illustrator and character designer in the employ of eroge company Nitro+. He has produced designs for several of their games, including Demonbane, Jingai Makyou, and Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango (Tre Donne Crudeli), the characters from which have become popular subjects for figures in recent years. He also recently produced the Queen’s Gate Alice combat artbook and designs for her Excellent Model CORE figure.

Note: this figure has been confirmed as noncastoffable.