Today’s Updates

More news of interest below, including the latest word on Volks’s Rance figure project, an official blog for Macross F’s Ranka Lee, a new gender-swapping eroge from TinkerBell, and more:

Figure News EXTEND

  • Volks updated their blog today showing work in progress on the design for the Rance series Shizuka PVC figure voted on by fans for first incarnation in their Rance collaboration with Alice Soft

Ero News

  • The official Tech Gian site was updated for the July ’08 edition and confirms the news from CODEPINK and PIL that we reported last night – more on this and other ero scoops tomorrow.
  • TinkerBell sub-brand Nanigashi, known for their alternative gender portrayals, opens a site for Yumekoi Tensei, a gender-swapping romantic comedy along the lines of the X-Change series. Release scheduled for September.

Media News

  • Hobby Channel presents a reminder that R2 box sets of the original Genshiken anime series and three-episode OVA that came with Kujian TV will be released on June 25th

Play-Asia Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    The latest hardcore maniac ero CG compilation from circle D-Stop. This one features characters from Wrestle Angels in all sorts of humiliating and compromising situations, including scat and other maniac themes – not for the faint of heart or stomach. 17 core CG images plus variations for a total of over 80 images – highly recommended if this is your thing, highly unrecommended if it isn’t.
    This descriptively named CG set from circle Ichijiku includes a total of 16 fantasy themed tentacle sex images plus variations for a total of 34 images, plus seven extra images from earlier releases that are no longer in distribution. Features work from artists “Jun” (ジュン) and “Koto” (琴).

description coming soon

description coming soon

Today’s thumbnail image brought to you by Toranoana and the letter C:

Chiro’s “Master@Girl” now on sale at Tora!

Ran out of time for tonight’s post, will flesh things out a bit tomorrow.