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More news below, including word on a new Hanaharu manga in Dengeki Daioh as well as the resumption of work on a long-dormant Taka Tony eroge:

Media News EXTEND

  • Daioh’s renewal begins with the magazine’s release this month sporting a new expanded format, lower price, and a bunch of new material that will begin rolling out with the August ’08 issue on sale in June, at which time the monthly release date will switch from the 21st to the 27th of each month. Other new titles include a Tetsudou Musume manga adaptation as well as manga of Aquaplus game White Album.

Ero News

Continuing from this evening’s Moon Phase Diary post, below info presumably gathered from an early release copy of this month’s Tech Gian:

  • Eroge maker CODEPINK has two new projects in the works, both illustrated by Kiriyama Taichi: one called Sumeragi Ryouko no Bitch na Ichinichi, scheduled for release on October 31st. Chronicles the adventures in a day in the life of a nymphomaniac teacher. The second is Sexfriend 2, a spiritual sequel to the original Sexfriend that features new characters and a SLG ero system similar to the one in the first game. This is due out in 2009.
  • In other news from the Stoneheads collective it seems the Pil brand is once again moving after a very long silence, and that we can expect to see movement on their Taka Tony-designed France Shoujo ~La Fille Blanc~ soon. It’s been almost two years since the game was announced and I thought it was dead in the water, glad to see some stirrings here to the contrary.

We’ll bring more from this month’s Tech Gian when I can manage to score a copy, likely on the 21st.

Play-Asia Recommendations

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DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    Veteran doujin circle Kagehara Heavy Industry presents this Spice and Wolf Horo ero CG collection. Includes 15 images plus variations, originally released at Sunshine Creation 39.
    A Bamboo Blade CG collection from circle Sakura Hiiro. Includes 13 base illustrations and a .gif anime, plus variations.
    Fully (female) voiced 3D CG eroanime from circle Mitsuba Soft. The title is pretty self-explanatory… What could the salesman be selling?! Demo download available here.
    An even more self-explanatory title than the last one, the latest offering from prolific circle Nightmare Express features Gurren Lagann’s Yoko as drawn by artists Onigiri, Nazo, and Aozora Ichiba‘s Nao Takami and Roodokku Nigo. Contains 72 main images (possibly including variations) and 32 large versions for a total of 104 images in the set.

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by France Shoujo and the letter T:

Tony’s back with a brand new invention

I’m in the process of renewing the figure release schedule. Still messing around with the format, but I think the new concept is basically sound; will make a note of it here again when the page is fully live.