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Bit of a light news day today, so just some recommendations below if you’d like to support the site – including a run down of many of the figures we’ve reviewed recently that are still available for sale, as well as the pick of today’s batch of DLsite items:

Play-Asia Recommendations


DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    The fifth volume CG collection from veteran artist Yasuomi – great for pregnancy and harabote fans, otherwise one to pass over. I have the CD version of this and it definitely comes recommended.
    Collection of Squaresoft heroines CG from before the merger with Enix, in a variety of compromising situations. Includes text and textless versions and extra large PSD files as well. This one also contains a bit of pregnancy so those not interested should pass this one up. From circle Abion-mura.
    Female voiced doujin game (voiced by two prominent eroge VAs, Isshiki Hikaru and Shion Miyabi) from circle Tabibitoya – official site with sample CG and voice here, demo download here. A quintessential MILF game – great for fans of lactation and amorous housewives. I have this one – recommended.
    Circle Ura Hyakki Yakou presents a DOAX CG collection featuring Helena and Christie as very scantily swimsuit-clad maids performing service of various sorts. Includes 30 original CG images from artist Mashitaka, plus four each from two different guest artists.

    As the title states, this is a compilation of five doujinshi featuring Galaxy Angel’s Mint, in a whopping 120 page PDF file. From circle Kurubushi-kai.
    This set includes two items: a ful color CG collection featuring the Gundam 00 heroines with 11 images + 11 variations and large size images, as well as a 12-page full color PDF doujinshi. The content of both items is unique, so this isn’t too bad a deal put together. From circle Modaetei.
    Full color pettanko original CG collection from circle ROYALWATTS (more preview material available at the linked official site).
    Full female voice tentacle-themed doujin game with over 100 CG images (95% ero CG). The game’s official site with more info and sample CG is here; visual novel format with minimal Japanese knowledge required (though it helps). From circle Idle Fancy.

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by Macross Frontier and the letter K:

Because episode seven was awesome.

Oh Macross, why must you tempt me with robots