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    Fully voiced ero visual novel about a pettanko girl and her private tutor. Features over 100 event CG in all sorts of erotic situations, voice by Bubaigawara Shiho, more details and sample CG available at the official Kagurado circle site, demo available here. Single route plot, no Japanese language skill required.
    Circle Black Smile presents this expansive Galaxy Angel CG collection, with 62 base images plus variations for a total of 108 CG. Great value in this set, worth investigating for GA fans!
    A Monster Hunter parody doujin collection brought to you courtesy of circle Rirakukan. Includes 18 base CG, 36 variations, and six close-up shots, for a total of 60 CG images. Also includes 8 wallpapers. Demo available here.
    A Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) 3 CG set from circle Reason. Contains 11 base CG and 14 variations, for a total of 25 images.

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Lightning Warrior Raidy III official site updated!