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See below for several other bits of news that didn’t quite make post status, including the Sekirei anime cast list, an eromanga to watch out for, and a figure that may have you washing your eyes out with soap:

Figure News EXTEND

Anime News

Sekirei main cast announced!

Ero News

Play-Asia Recommendations

Griffon’s Maid / School Swimsuit Sasara

Figma Kyon
Figma Nanoha

Kotobukiya’s Frill Bikini Tama-nee (bargain price)
Kotobukiya’s BMX Ayanami Rei (bargain price)

Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade Shizuka (HD review)
Griffon’s Suntanned Private Version Ryofu Housen

Cafe Reo’s Food Girls Strawberry-chan (review coming soon)

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

Stellvia Edition!

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by Toranoana and the letter O:

Onomeshin’s Oppai Party out on May 19th!

After seeing those pictures up at ASCII I’m trying to forget that I preordered yet another C-Works figure…