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See below for a quick look at last weekend’s Futaket, as well as other assorted hijinks:

Futaket 4 (mini) Report

Date: Sunday, May 4th, 2008

The upper left image is the Tokyo Metropolitan Trade and Industry Hamamatsu-cho building where Futaket was held. Prior to leaving for the event I couldn’t recall having been there recently, but once I got to the building it immediately seemed familiar. It’s very similar to the Taitou building in Asakusa where the event has been held in the past (the one that is no longer allowing most 18+ events due to last year’s complaints).

This was the first event I’d attended where strict age controls were in place. Event staff were carding (checking official ID cards) of all participants, both circle members and regular attendees, and as a circle I had to sign a statement swearing that I wouldn’t sell adult material to anyone underage at the event (despite the fact that they weren’t allowed in). To say I was overjoyed to do so is perhaps an overstatement, but I was very happy indeed to see these steps taken as it was a minimal inconvenience to all concerned and it allowed the event to go forward undisturbed.

I didn’t have anything new to sell there so I spent the day pleasantly, mostly sketching for this summer’s Comiket (should I get in), chatting with friends, and selling the occasional book (I sold perhaps a dozen of what I had left over from last winter’s Comic Market). Afterwards on the way home I stopped by Akihabara for the first time in several months. It wasn’t very fun… Momoi Haruko was giving a concert at the “Akiba Otaku Matsuri” when I got there, but the doors were closed and they weren’t letting anyone in.

I wandered around the pedestrian mall that Akiba becomes on Sundays in a rather alienated state. The street performers were entirely gone, replaced by the green-vested “concerned citizen’s brigade” that now patrols on Sundays thanks to things getting out of hand with a rather nutty gravure idol a few weeks back. Thanks to heavy abuse of mail orders recently there was nothing I wanted to buy, so I window-shopped for a couple of hours before meeting up with friends again and heading for home.

Play-Asia Recommendations

CDJapan Recommendations

J-List Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    I couldn’t resist the breeding urge to once again promote Haruki Genia‘s digital full-color edition of Wolf Road, a truly fine doujinshi featuring Horo of Spice and Wolf. If the prospect of hot hot wolfgirl porn appeals to you this is definitely a volume I would submit for your consideration. 20 pages plus extras, in full color.

Glasses, bloomers, large breasts, and bukkake are the themes in this CG set that tells the story of a girl named Rui and her Saturday afternoon in a (supposedly) empty classroom. 10 base CG plus variations and extras for a total of 30 images plus novel text. This is the conclusion of the story began in Rui and continued in Rui-Rui, from circle gallery walhalla.

    A Gundam 00 Parody CG set from circle Studio Sunadokei, contains 15 base images plus 16 variations. Also includes Mi-ruba’s Banquet, a CG set from 2005 (9 base + 4 extra images). High resolution .bmps also included.
    CG collection featuring nine images of the circle sys3.6.3 mascot character “Deathrock”(?).

    Compilation of two of circle Kappa no Kawanagare‘s earlier releases, AUTUMN-AZURE and Baby Blue. Includes a total of 46 CG images and 89 rough and miscellaneous images – a great value for the price price if you find the art style attractive.
    Tentacle themed Phantasy Star Universe parody CG collection from circle Pudding Delices. Contains 12 images plus 41 variations in both 800×600 and 1600×1200 size dimensions.
    Control the actions of a schoolgirl-ravaging demon in this interactive 3D animation flash-based game from circle Nekoken (full details and downloadable content here; playable demo here). The female character is fully voiced, with an interactive clickable interface to control the actions of the creature you choose from among several options. Definitely worth checking out for tentacle fans.

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by Propeller and the letter C.

Chrono Belt master up – May 23rd release!

I wanted to finish Ayakashibito before this came out so I could play it right away, but having not even started yet prospects are looking grim… Must resist the urge to skip through to the Bullet Butlers scenario right away when it comes in the mail.