Despite the grim news today from Pixy it seems the eroanime industry is still pumping out titles full steam ahead, as shown by a spate of new updates that came in yesterday from several major producers. We look at what’s up in the coming months for Milky, Pink Pineapple, and Vanilla below the fold:

  • The eroanime headline of the week is undoubtedly the announcement of the anime adaptation of Shoujo Sect, the hit yuri eromanga from Kurogane Ken. He announced the OVA adaptation on his blog a couple of weeks ago, but yesterday MS Pictures updated their official site with the news that they would be producing it, with the first volume due out on July 25th.

  • Pink Pineapple updated with the news that Stringendo & Accelerando ULTIMATUM ~SERA~ / Sugar Train is now available for purchase via download. This episode depicts two additional secnarios from the Seto Yuuki eromanga from which the OVA is named. They also have a promotional page for the OVA online that lets you, to put it indelicately, vote for the scene where you came. The voting methodology should be pretty self-explanatory… -_-;;

Man, the English language needs more ways to say “with the same name as”.