Sculptor Toushirou of circle Cobra-Kai is known for his epic large-scale works, usually featuring characters with voluptuous builds and his trademark heavy-lidded eyes. When I first saw the rough draft of his resin rendition of Fate/stay night‘s Saber at last Wonder Festival I momentarily didn’t recognize it as his work; she seems so far afield from what he normally sculpts. But now that the kit is complete it’s apparent that it’s none other than his genius hand at operation, and this is a kit that made one of the biggest impressions at yesterday’s WHF Ariake 18. See below for a full castoff [ERO] gallery:



Heisei Democracy event report: Cobra-Kai's Saber at WHF Ariake 18

Photography was difficult given the minimal lighting conditions, but with a bit of tweaking in Photoshop I think some of these shots came out alright. This shoot was early on in the day and I hadn’t quite gotten into the right mindset for properly documenting multiple angles; in hindsight I should’ve gotten some pictures from above as well. Memo to self for the next event.

Unless Yamato went absolutely crazy I can’t think of anyone other than Daiki Kougyou who would consider doing this in PVC… here’s hoping they decide to take the plunge.