Today’s Updates

As can be seen by the content of the day’s updates, today was World Hobby Festival Ariake 18 Final. I’ll be rolling out posts continuously over the next couple of days based on what was shown there. It was a fun event, bustling with a lot of fans and sculptors who had all worked hard to make it a success. From that perspective it’s a pity it had to end this way, and I’m going to miss it; though this was only my third trip to WHF I’ve grown fond of the way it’s run. No nonsense, no glitz or pretensions to grandeur, just a bunch of folks getting together and geeking out over a shared hobby. I can only hope that Hobby Complex is ready to take over the mantle of second tier convention, as the empty space between Wonder Festivals is still jumping around saying “fill me!”.

That’s it from me for today – regular updates resume tomorrow.