Just a quick update to note that I’m back from Futaket. Had a pretty nice time, all things considered; we started the morning with a speeding ticket, but made it to the event hall on time for circle entry. Because they were checking the ages of all participants (as part of increased precautionary measures due to last year’s crackdown), I was carded for the first time ever in my life in Japan. I spent the event working on sketches for the doujin that I should have been selling there (I ended up only having copies of the old book I put out at Comiket to offer, and sold maybe ten through the course of the day).

The best news by far to come from Futaket was that ABC, the event whose mass media exposure caused much of this brouhaha, is returning. I can’t say more at this point as I don’t want to spoil the event organizer’s hard work by letting things out too early, but it’s confirmed – a reincarnation of the maniac ero event is scheduled for October. More news on this and further impressions of the day at Futaket when I get around to compiling a review (which may be never; I have an abysmal track record when it comes to Futaket reports, but I’ll try hard on this one).

Tomorrow is World Hobby Festival Ariake 18 Final, the last WHF ever. I’ll be heading there bright and early and am thus pretty anxious to get some sleep, but if you’d like to preview the event for yourself the complete circle list can be found here. Back with the fallout in less than 24 hours!

Oh, and if you’re going to the event tomorrow and you happen to read this and would like to meet up, look for the tall, balding gaijin with glasses and an Olympus camera.