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See below for a bunch of news that wasn’t quite deserving of its own individual posts, but is still likely to be of use to figure enthusiasts and ero aesthetes alike (also new figure release whoredom, and some Play-Asia bargains):

Figure News EXTEND

    I procrastinated on this one and didn’t get my order in on time. I figured when they said the preorder window would be limited to the initial production run it would take a couple of weeks to reach the quota, not less than 24 hours…

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Play-Asia Bargains

DLsite Recommendations


    One of the top ten DLsite best sellers of all time, with over 13,000 copies sold – download the trial demo and you’ll see why. It’s an interactive flash-based animated game that doesn’t rely on scrolling through loads of text, and lets you interact with the heroine by touching her… Those into the loli aesthetic should find a whole lot to enjoy here. Others may wish to wait for Otome Function, which fuses the same production style (mu soft) with INO‘s superlative art; for a preview of what’s in store, Hizashi no Naka no Real is a must.
    Speaking of INO, this popular visual novel from circle Surpass Fate seems to be channeling a large-chested heroine we’ve seen before… It’s a set of fully (female) voiced ecchi episodes focusing on paizuri, and contains 12 core CG images and over 60 variations – and 50,000 kanji/kana of ero text, much of it spoken. That’s a lot of ero! It’s not new INO, but it’s the next best thing…
    Continuing through today’s hit parade of popular items we have the latest offering from circle Flower Crown, a CG set focusing on the girls of Monster Hunter. Contains 16 base CG plus 5 variations, 4 standing poses, 6 wallpapers, and 3 color bonus images. Worth checking out if you don’t mind a bit of tentacles in your ero.
    A popular doujin game title from semi-pro circle Norn. As the title suggests, your goal is to have as much sex as possible with a pair of elven princesses who are competing for your affections, pick one of them as your bride, and thereby *ahem* secure the lineage. As it were. A demo movie is available for those leery of dropping the cash sight unseen, but this is one I can personally recommend. The game’s official site with plenty more preview images can be found here.

Woohoo! Somehow managed to wrap things up a bit early tonight… mind is empty of talking points so I’ll just leave it there. Big weekend coming up…