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Figure News EXTEND

Queen’s Blade Shizuka is now on sale! My copy came in tonight and I’ve begun the review process with the goal of getting her up as soon as possible tomorrow. From first impressions I can say that she’s a great kit that fits well within the Megahouse QB lineup (despite being nominally from Alpha Omega), and if you’ve been sitting on the fence you should probably act fast because she’s disappearing from shops with alarming speed.

A bit regarding Shizuka’s back story: she’s not one of the main Queen’s Blade characters, instead being the antagonist in Queen’s Blade Bitoshi Gaiden #1: Musha Miko Emaki, a kick-ass full color picture book (full page illustrations with minor text overlays telling the story) plus drama CD, featuring Shizuka’s battles with Tomoe as head of a fearsome demon army. Shizuka is voiced on the drama CD by the cheerfully ecchi Asano Masumi and Tomoe by Noto Mamiko – definitely worth a listen.

Queen's Blade Bitoshi Gaiden no. 1: Musha Miko Emaki featuring Tomoe and Shizuka

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Ero News

Figure Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    Doujinshi featuring the cast of Lucky Star, in animal ears. 30-page PDF file. From circle Bloody Mary.
    Original CG compilation + short scenario. Contains 24 CG images plus 7 variations, teacher impregnation themes. From circle Chikashitsu.
    CG set featuring Karen from Code Geass. CG count unknown. From circle Yuzurihaya.
    A 15 page digital comic (full color CG) featuring Astaroth from Shinra Banshou. From circle TAT. Further samples available here.
    Genshiken doujinshi from circle Narrow Cats, featuring Ogiue x Sasahara and Saki x Madarame. Half monochrome and half digital color; 34 page PDF.
    3D animated visual novel, 68 looping ero scenes plus click-through text. Not voiced. Demo available here.
    Original CG collection featuring a well-endowed catgirl and some very impertinent tentacles. 7 base CG pluse 21 variations, 28 total.
    Gundam 00 Sumeragi and Ryuumin yuri CG set, with voice. 12 base CG plus seven variations. From circle Hikawadou.

World Hobby Festival Kobe 28 Final was held today! No major reports have appeared online as of this posting, but we’ll be keeping the radar up over the next few days for any fallout that emerges.

I said this morning that I would watch Macross Frontier ep. 4 tonight and rant about it here, and having just finished, wow. I never thought I’d hear My Boyfriend is a Pilot in the series, I never thought there would be a full-blooded Zentradi who turned into a moe mascot when Micloned, and I’m generally really happy with how things are progressing – it’s feeling like the series might be doing things for itself and not just relying on a bunch of beautiful animation and gimmicks from earlier shows. Oh, and Nanase is fun too. :3 Watching this show is a joy, and if it gets better from here I think we’ll have classic potential on our hands.