Official site updates for Comic Gum and Comic Alive today provide us with a couple of rare Sunday figure scoops: first is news that the UArt Bladeworx Mogudan Kanu Unchou we’ve been following for the past month or so will be coming in a limited clear pink version exclusively via mail order from Comic Gum. Details such as price and release date don’t appear in this online listing, but they can be assumed to be comparable to her unlimited counterpart.

In other news, Comic Alive has announced a Kanokon heroine figure project that will be rolled out with preorders opening one per issue over the next four months. The first one will be a 1/10 scale version of Chizuru, and is available for preorder in the magazine’s current issue. This is similar to the promotion they ran last year for Zero no Tsukaima, which produced the only Henrietta and Kirche figures I’m aware of to date; here’s hoping this announcement doesn’t similarly doom Kanokon’s cast to figure obscurity. Images of both newly announced items below:

It’s a slow news day, what can I say. At least Comic Gum was kind enough to provide us with a (tiny resolution version) of the original Mogudan illustration this Kanu kit is based on; I’m guessing they didn’t show us anything more detailed for fear we’d realize just how off model the sculpt is. Ah well, preordered anyway… If you’re similarly daft, J-List would be happy to part you with your hard-earned funds.