It’s the first Friday of the month that’s on or after Japan’s traditional pay day of the 25th, so you know what that means – I has teh monies it’s eroge bonanza release day! We provide a rundown of the 25 new erotic game titles released today, which range from budget offerings by high profile artists (Kohaku Sumeragi, Cruccu) to high profile offerings from budget artists (the Tsuyokiss sequel) and everything in between. While there aren’t any earth-shattering games on the plate this month there’s plenty here to whet the appetite, so let’s dig right in!




Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! G.O. SE

  • Maker: Cocktail Soft
  • Genre: Simulation, Adventure, Waitress, Cosplay, Renai (Romance)
  • Price: 9,240 yen
  • Design: various
  • Scenario: various
  • Notes:

Tsuyokiss Nigakki

  • Maker: Candy Soft
  • Genre: Adventure, School, Romantic Comedy, Tsundere
  • Price: 9,240 yen
  • Design: Masahiro Katsumi
  • Scenario: NOB
  • Notes: Sequel to the explosively popular tsundere genre-defining Tsuyokiss, but with none of the earlier game’s original staff on board the project.

Eroi 3D

  • Maker: FULLTIME
  • Genre: Adventure, Hospital, Nurse, Polygon/3D, Animation
  • Price: 9,240 yen
  • Design: uncredited
  • Scenario: Hayasaka Utane, Nishida Saburou
  • Notes: Real time polygon-based remake of 2006 release Eroi, which used prerendered video

Colorful Wish

  • Maker: Giga
  • Genre: Adventure, Dormitory, Magic, Winter, School Girls
  • Price: 9,240 yen
  • Design: Nanami Ayane, Amou Mari, uni8
  • Scenario: various
  • Notes:

Stellula Eques

  • Maker: C:drive
  • Genre: Adventure, School, Transforming Heroines, Tsundere, Tentacles
  • Price: 2,940 yen
  • Design: Masaru, others
  • Scenario: Muto Rei
  • Notes:

Tonari no Sekai


  • Maker: Unisonshift Clear
  • Genre: Adventure, Alternate Universe, High Class Girls, Junai (Pure Love)
  • Price: 9,240 yen
  • Design: little
  • Scenario: kozakana
  • Notes:

Boin Shimai no Kojin Jugyou

  • Maker: Frill
  • Genre: Adventure, Sisters, Breasts, Older Women
  • Price: 9,240 yen
  • Design: Shinano Yura
  • Scenario: various
  • Notes:

Inshoku no Byoutou

Kasou Party

Gouen no Soleil

Tsuma no Haha Sayuri

Haruiro Communication

Niizuma Ikasete Milk!

Shinsekai Ijitte Princess NEXT

  • Maker: Vitamin
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Princess, Tsundere, Harem
  • Price: 3,990 yen
  • Design: Sakura Hanatsumi
  • Scenario: various
  • Notes:

Suiei Choukyoushi

Asanagi no Aquanauts

Dorei Shoukou Claris

Tokumei Sousakan Mai

  • Maker: Gokufero
  • Genre: Adventure, Near Future, Police, Training, Coercion
  • Price: 2,980 yen
  • Design: Gentle Sasaki
  • Scenario: uncredited
  • Notes: Budget title available for purchase via download on May 9th

Yokubou no Oukoku

Ura Saiminjutsu 2

Ryoujoku Scout

Are any of these titles on your “interest” list, or would you like further information on any of them? Which do you plan to play? If there’s anything extra that you’d like to see in this coverage let me know! This current format is admittedly rather boring, but it’s hard to talk about 25 games at once. ^^;;