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Figure News EXTEND

Spring 2008 Anime: Robot Motion



What do you get when you take a bunch of competent staff with proven track records of quality artistic output, give them next to no money and a staff of cyclopean 2D/3D compositors with monocular vision, and tell them to make a show in a genre they’re largely familiar with? Blassreiter, that’s what. That wasn’t a very funny thing to write, but it’s not a very funny show. I don’t think it’s bad per se, but it’s got enough limiting factors on the grunt side of production that I can’t see it becoming truly good either. Throw a few dozen more peons under the tank treads in the production room, or alternatively throw out the motorcycles and bring in the Jingai Makyou cast instead. Animated Ignis would get me to watch anything.

Ero News

From the Crowd Blog: a rep from an unidentified PC game magazine was in the Crowd offices on April 21st, and project lead Okomeman talked to him about the new Hitozuma Koukan Nikki project coming from Anim’s budget arm as well as the continued development of Crowd’s X-Change Alternative 2. We’ve been promised an update on XCA2 before Golden Week (which begins late next week), so we’ll be looking forward to that – as well as more information on the Mumu-designed Hitozuma Koukan Nikki. I don’t care for wife-swapping as a game theme, but I would follow Mumu’s artistic lead to the gates of eroge hell, if I had to.

Figure Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations

Fanatic Fetish #5 (English ver.)

    Fanatic Fetish has long been a favorite circle of futanari enthusiasts everywhere (myself included), and while his releases are few and far between when they do come out they’re sure to be quality. This is the most recent offering from the circle, featuring 33 pages of color and manga-style black and white art and story.

闘うヒロインTatakau Heroine (English ver.)

    A narrative CG set of 18 images depicting a pair of girls undergoing some rather distressing treatment at the hands of tentacles (does that even make sense?) and others. A what you see is what you get item; worth checking out if the sample CG interests you.

a trunk – with voice – (English ver.)

    A mysterious girl is delivered in a trunk to the protagonist of this ero sound novel. Female protagonist fully voiced, 16 CG + 23 variations. Official site here.

ぶっかけ!!~先輩はミルクまみれ~Bukkake!! ~Senpai wa Milk Mamire~

    Super erotic budget eroge from maker Morning (official site). I bought the package version of this on the basis of the great art from eroge newcomer Kogarashi Monjirou and was not disappointed; if plot is not a concern I’d call this a pretty rewarding item.