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More totally awesome, radical, nay bodacious content below the fold, including a first look at a new Wave figure that didn’t make the hobby magazines this month:

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Spring 2008 Anime: I’m gonna serve you, muthafuckah

Kamen no Maid Guy

Kamen no Maid Guy

  • Production Studio: Madhouse
  • Genre: Ninja Maid School Comedy
  • Original Concept: Akai Maruboro (mangaka)
  • Director: Sakoi Masayuki
  • Chief Writer: Fudeyasu Kazuyuki
  • Character Designer: Aoi Koumei
  • Doujin Potential: fair to middling
  • Figure Potential: ditto

The notion of a thuggish crossdressing ninja maid is a concept rife with near-infinite comedic potential, but after watching the first episode much of it seems to be squandered by uninteresting writing and equally boring visual design. I feel pretty much the same about this anime conversion as I did after watching the first episode of Kaibutsu Oujo, which is to say rather underwhelmed; this isn’t surprising considering that the two shows share much of the same staff, and are based on manga with similar levels of innate conceptual promise. I’ll leave it to others to provide a definitive recommendation on this one, but I’m not likely to stay watching for too much longer unless the quality tightens up considerably.

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DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

スーパークリック大戦OGSuper Click Taisen OG

    Tetris-style Super Robot Wars game where you exchange the points you earn for “okazu items” (CG ero scenes). Game system explanation and additional sample CG available here.

無常ノ十Mujou no Juu (English ver.)

    Popular doujin circle Jouji Mujou presents their most recent collection of CG images, featuring a group of parody characters unconnected except for their universal hotness. English download available.

ばつぐん彼女Batsugun Kanojo

    Super popular cel-shaded 3D eroanime game from late 2006. I can vouch for the quality of this one personally; it’s very nice indeed. A demo is available for the curious.

Real intention ~ココロのクサリ~Real intention ~Kokoro no Kusari~

    A hardcore doujin game packed with over 390 CG images (variations included) and eight endings. A plain glasses-wearing girl (glasses can be toggled on/off) ends up living with her teacher, is accosted by him, and eventually comes to love him. Features superb art by Negative Gang. Trial version available here.