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Mainichi Junk: April 23rd, 2008

Today’s Updates

More totally awesome, radical, nay bodacious content below the fold, including a first look at a new Wave figure that didn’t make the hobby magazines this month:

Hobby Japan June 2008 preview

Scans from advance copies of this month’s hobby magazines appeared on 2chan’s mokeiura board earlier today, and as usual we bring a summary of the latest bishoujo figure news from their pages translated here for your perusal. Highlights include a new Yamachichi sculpt of Queen’s Gate Alice (adult version), the first full-body color look at Mellona, an awesome Dozle Zabi from the original Gundam (definitely not a bishoujo), the prototype for an Oinarisama Tenko Kuugen from FREEing, release information on Figma Mikuru and Izuki, followups on several of the figures we’ve been tracking over past months, and more!

Kotobukiya presents Yamashita Shunya’s Naomi

Figure maker Kotobukiya updated their online shop today with a listing for a new Art of Yamashita Shunya pre-painted cold cast bust figure, Naomi. She’s scheduled for release in August at 18.5 cm tall (non-scale) and 10,290 yen retail, with a sculpt from Ogasawara Taketo; the figure is nominally Kotobukiya shop limited but similar items have regularly been made available via international distribution outlets in the past, so we can expect her to appear for preorder elsewhere shortly. Image gallery below:

Tandem Twin’s Doubutsu Nee-chan Brenda scooped

We first saw her at WHF Ariake 17 and then again at Wonder Festival, and thanks to a Hobby Channel update last night we now have the release details for Yamazaki Kouichi‘s (TANDEM TWIN) Doubutsu Nee-chan Inu Brenda, coming from Yamato as an alternate color version of their earlier announced Bonnie. According to the Hobby Channel post Brenda is scheduled for release in September at 8,190 yen retail, 18 cm tall (scale unspecified), and comes with several option parts including base, glasses, eye mask, exchangeable chest part and face part, handcuffs, and ankle cuffs. With her listed at Hobby Channel we can expect preorders to appear shortly. Images below: