The Eromanga Toshokan returns after a long hiatus to bring a look at the most recent volume from veteran eromanga and doujin author Shijima Yukio. Long time fans of the very generously endowed female persuasion have likely come across his work in the past, especially back in the early days when his was one of the sites that could be depended on for the occasional delicious update; while his site has remained largely stagnant in recent years he still produces regular eromanga chapters and the occasional doujinshi, and so it is with pleasure that we delve into this, his most recent offering. Note: this is a hardcore [ERO] book. If you’re under 18 or not interested in hardcore content this post is not for you. If this condition does not apply to you, by all means read on!

Title: Nyuuseihin (乳性牝)
Author: Shijima Yukio (四島由紀夫)
Release Date: January 4th, 2008
Pages: 8 color, 212 total
Publisher: TI Net
Imprint: Mujin Comics
ISBN 13: 978-4887742505
Availability: Mangaoh, Amazon
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Heisei Democracy Eromanga Toshokan vol. 009: Nyuuseihin by Shijima Yukio

Heisei Democracy Eromanga Toshokan vol. 009: Nyuuseihin by Shijima Yukio Heisei Democracy Eromanga Toshokan vol. 009: Nyuuseihin by Shijima Yukio Heisei Democracy Eromanga Toshokan vol. 009: Nyuuseihin by Shijima Yukio Heisei Democracy Eromanga Toshokan vol. 009: Nyuuseihin by Shijima Yukio Heisei Democracy Eromanga Toshokan vol. 009: Nyuuseihin by Shijima Yukio Heisei Democracy Eromanga Toshokan vol. 009: Nyuuseihin by Shijima Yukio

Art: ★★★☆☆
Story: ★★★☆☆
Ero: ★★★★☆
Themes: huge breasts, older sisters, shota, three-way/group sex, OLs (office ladies), newscasters, coercion, MILFs, incest, teachers/tutors

Shijima Yukio is an artist of both manga and doujinshi that I’ve had a special (one-sided) relationship with for years. As he was one of the first artists to be listed on the venerable Page of Boobs he was one of the first I came across many years ago when I first started looking for this sort of thing on the internet, and is one of the few who remains active and whose site is still accessible at the place it’s always been (though without significant updates in a very long time).

His style combines a refined severity of features with a disregard for strict adherence to anatomical conventions, instead opting to stress a voluptuously rounded yet athletic lankiness of the female form.

His line work is one of the most distinctive elements of his style, working in monochrome with traditional manga inking techniques but paying extreme though narrow attention to the contours of objects, while leaving their inner surfaces largely to the viewer’s imagination. This is true to an occasionally disconcerting extent in the case of his faces, which when depicted from some angles are lacking in any indication of a nose.

Another hallmark of his style is the varied amount of finishing work that goes into certain panels or pages. In his doujinshi especially he often omits any sort of shading for some or all of the pages, and in these cases I find that his line work alone isn’t quite strong enough to carry the necessary sense of mass and presence his characters require to be believable. Thankfully his professional manga is more consistent in this regard, leaving only unimportant scenes unshaded.

Unlike some of the other artists we’ve featured in earlier installments of the Toshokan, Shijima’s style matured early and has remained largely consistent for the better part of the decade. The themes he treats in his work remain largely consistent as well; if you pick up his doujinshi odds are good you’ll find futanari inside, while his manga tends to be more along the shota/MILF trajectory.

His most recent eromanga anthology Nyuuseihin is no exception, and features four stories on various themes he’s become known for in past work:

  • A five part story of the seduction of a younger brother by his OL sister and her colleague, who also has a younger brother who she’s sexually involved with;
  • A single chapter story depicting the accosting and filming of a newscaster being deflowered in a public park;
  • A four part family affair where an impotent father forces his son to have sex with his schoolteacher stepmother, who then continues to pursue her at school;
  • A teacher comes to pay a counseling visit to the house of a young, virile pupil, where his mother joins the teacher in accosting him, in one chapter.

As can be guessed from these descriptions none of these stories are exactly comedic or lighthearted, and while the first five chapters and the final one aren’t too heavy, the combination of plot themes with Shijima’s style make the volume come across as more hardcore and mature in tone and less cartoonish or overtly “anime” in feel than many of his currently active counterparts.

Personally I found Nyuuseihin be an intensely erotic book, and other than the rather pointless newscaster rape chapter in the middle enjoyed the volume immensely. If you can see past the occasionally alien (and alienating) elements of his style and are in the mood for some seriously meaty eromanga fare, the works of Shijima Yukio (this one in particular) come highly recommended; if you prefer more lighthearted or stylistically friendly works, there are other options you may wish to check out first.

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