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Spring 2008 Anime: Piece by Piece

As it seems I’m never going to finish the post I’ve had in queue for a few weeks about the new anime season I thought I’d divide it up into bite sized chunks and pick at it until it goes away. I’ll be talking about one show per day (or per Mainichi update, which might not be the same thing) until there aren’t any more interesting shows left, the season ends, or my terminally short attention span wanders elsewhere. First up on the chopping block: Macross Frontier.

Heisei Democracy Spring 2008 anime preview: designers on parade

Macross Frontier

  • Production Studio: Satelight
  • Genre: SF musical mecha action romance
  • Overlord: Kawamori Shouji
  • Director: Kikuchi Yasuhito
  • Series Composition: Yoshino Hiroyuki
  • Character Designer: Ebata Risa / Takahashi Yuuichi
  • Doujin Potential: some
  • Figure Potential: bishoujo figures? maybe. valkyries? hell yes.

Moody pretty boy pilot meets energetic and innocent part-Zentradi wannabe idol. As humankind’s colonial ambitions expand their reach to the furthest corners of the galaxy, can a colony survive the onslaught of a mysterious alien menace? Only through the power of song and rapidly transforming CG mecha, baby. With designs from the feminine hand behind [ERO] Hitozuma Kasumi-san, direction from the creator of cult favorite mid-life crisis HARD ROCK SAVES THE SPACE anime Black Heaven, music from Kanno Yoko, and a budget seemingly the size of a small moon a space station a Macross colony, how could it possibly fail?

… oh yeah, that Kawamori guy…

Regardless, this is one of the series I’m most anticipating this season.

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Ero News

Nuketan: Words you can Fap to

Eroanime studio Pink Pineapple has taken the novel approach of promoting their April 25th package release Kojin Jugyou ep. 1 (based on the Kino Hitoshi manga by the same name) with an online phrasebook of erotic English they’re calling “Nuketan” (short for nukeru tango ヌケる単語, or “words you can fap to”). The phrasebook contains a word entry for every letter of the alphabet, complete with pronunciation guide, .wav file, and example English sentences such as that for the letter M: “Can’t the energy generated by his masturbation be used for something useful?” Probably the most intelligible one on the list, in hindsight, though the one for WXY evokes fond memories of Genshiken.

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Today's Mainichi Junk entry brought to you by the letter M

Today’s Mainichi Junk entry brought to you by the letter M

DLsite Recommendations

Now that DLsite’s bookstore is open I’ll be shamelessly mining it as well for eromanga selections deemed recommendable. I’m just starting to realize the true potential of this crazy DLsite thing… the purchasing FAQ, while already slightly deprecated, should still work fine for those interested in taking the plunge.