While an English version of DLsite was opened a couple of years ago that contains much of the content of the Japanese version, inevitably a few desirable titles slip through the cracks, and as of posting the professional sites aren’t available in English at all. Fortunately for fans outside Japan, foreign credit cards are currently allowed on the Japanese side of the site; unfortunately, to take advantage of this one must be versed in some rudimentary aspects of the Japanese language. Until now! Our latest FAQ installment brings detailed instructions on how you too can partake in the bounty of formerly forbidden doujin and eroge goodness:

We begin our quest with the hypothetical desire to purchase Anime Lilith‘s Kangoku Senkan (forgetting for the moment that it’s also available on the English side). This purchase will be conducted as a guest user; user registration is slightly more complicated and will be covered in a subsequent post.

April 15th, 2008 Update: DLsite updated the visual look of their interface today and the screenshots below are no longer current in that regard; all of the site functions remain the same however, and the purchasing procedure doesn’t differ from before. I’ll replace the screenshots with updated versions when I get the chance.

Add To Cart

Step 1: Add Products to Cart

When you first browse to a product page you will find the “add to cart” button below the product’s sample image. It will be red, like the first image above. Clicking that button will turn it blue, indicating that the product is in your cart; you can either click it once more or click on the cart icon in the upper right, and you will be taken to the shopping cart screen.

Step 2: Manage Cart and Proceed to Checkout

At the shopping cart screen you have various options. You can remove items from the cart, recalculate the total amount of the purchase, and when you’re ready, choose a payment method. You choose the method by clicking on the appropriate icon below the user status with which you wish to make the purchase. We’re purchasing as a guest user with a credit card, so we click the yellow “credit card” button to proceed.

Step 3: Enter Payment Details

The image above shows the credit card payment screen. Instructions on how to fill in each field are written in red next to the appropriate item, along with an example entry featuring my own most private bogus personal details. The instructions should be fairly self-explanatory; if you would like any clarification on any of these points please let me know.

Step 4: Confirm Payment Details and Proceed to Download

In the final step you can check to make sure your payment details are correct, and when you’re ready, press the [決済] (kessai, settlement) button at the lower left. Your transaction will be processed and you will be automatically taken to the download screen, where you can retrieve your purchased item.

I would have a picture of the download screen here except DLsite didn’t like Heisei Q’s credit card for some reason, and I already have my own copy of Kangoku Senkan. I know the system works, but didn’t have the foresight to grab screenshots of past purchases; if there is a kind soul out there who could grab a download screen for me it would be much appreciated, otherwise I’ll update this post the next time I make a purchase myself.

Purchasing as a guest is a good option if you’re only after the odd item on an infrequent basis, but if you plan to be a regular DLsite customer you might want to consider signing up for a (free) user account. This allows you to flag your favorite items and circles, earn points that can be put toward future purchases, and redownload past purchases at any time should you lose them in a hard drive malfunction. Registering as a user is slightly more complex than making a guest purchase; the process is similar though, and we’ll bring you the details in a subsequent FAQ post.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to direct them to me via email, or in the comments section! And finally – if you find this guide useful, I’d be honored if you would consider purchasing at DLsite via the HD affiliate.