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Mainichi Junk: April 12th, 2008

Today’s Updates

Making this a quick update as I’ve got a lot of anime to catch up on tonight, in the hopes of compiling some impressions on the new season tomorrow. A few ero bits below:

Rookie figure maker Gift announces Toda Saber PVC

Akiba Blog posted a column today that introduces the first PVC figure from a new maker called “Gift”: a Toda Satoshi (Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku) sculpted Saber from Fate/stay night. Very little is known about the maker or the project at this point, but a previous column introducing the company gives us some clues: apparently Gift is a one-man operation started by someone going by the name of “Kanegon” who was formerly an employee of Solid Theater. As of March the entire company consisted of one desk, and he’s relying on connections with other makers to get things off the ground. Beyond this Saber prototype the company’s future activities are unknown, but the latest post reveals that Saber will be on sale in kit form at the Yume no Kagutsuchi no Koukoku booth at Hobby Complex Osaka on May 25th. We’ll be keeping an eye out for an official site launch from the fledgling maker, as well as future news regarding the PVC version of the Saber in question. Another column from Kanegon is expected to appear on Akiba Blog in two weeks’ time. (no more)

Figure Review: First Class’s Yuria Hyaku-Shiki (updated)

As the maiden release from rookie figure brand First Class, the first Yuria 100-shiki figure to be mass produced, and the first figure to ship with this particular LED light-up base gimmick, I opted to make the purchase despite some initially questionable preview images at Amiami and elsewhere. While I was ready for the iffy sculpt and cast quality, I wasn’t expecting some rather more substantial deficiencies in the kit that makes this sadly one of the year’s most disappointing releases thus far. Read on for the unfortunate truth: Update: it turns out the packaging did contain a support intended to prop the kit up after all; I’ve revised the final score slightly as a result, and details can be found at the bottom of the review.

newsbit 0049

How To – Japanese DLsite purchasing FAQ online

FAQ: Purchasing from Japanese DLsite

While an English version of DLsite was opened a couple of years ago that contains much of the content of the Japanese version, inevitably a few desirable titles slip through the cracks, and as of posting the professional sites aren’t available in English at all. Fortunately for fans outside Japan, foreign credit cards are currently allowed on the Japanese side of the site; unfortunately, to take advantage of this one must be versed in some rudimentary aspects of the Japanese language. Until now! Our latest FAQ installment brings detailed instructions on how you too can partake in the bounty of formerly forbidden doujin and eroge goodness:

Beat Blades Haruka hug pillow from Cospa

Haven’t had enough news from the franchise of Alice Soft’s latest eroge tour de force? Then you’re in luck, as character goods maker Nijigen Cospa last night announced the preorder availability of a Takamori Haruka dakimakura cover from Beat Blades Haruka / Choukou Sennin Haruka. The pillowcase is scheduled for release at the end of May at 9,450 yen retail (case only), with dimensions of 150 cm x 50 cm and double-sided illustrations. The art featured on the pillow is not original (it’s take from in-game images), though according to the Cospa listing the combat uniform side has been “revised for greater sexiness”. With her up for preorder at Cospa’s official site preorders should be open at other Cospa distributors such as CDJapan
and Hobby Search soon. Pillow images below: