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English localized ero RPG Lightning Warrior Raidy now on sale

The fruit of the past few months on the job for me hit prime time today with the official release of Lightning Warrior Raidy. To paraphrase from last month’s announcement of “master up” status: Raidy was originally published by Japanese maker ZyX as 雷の戦士ライディ ~破邪の雷光~ (Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidi ~Haja no Raikou~) in 2005. Itself a remake of the original Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidi released for MS-DOS in 1994 as ZyX’s flagship title, the game broke ground in its day and is an enduring classic remembered fondly by an early generation of Japan’s erogamers. The ‘05 reissue has received criticism for being a literal reinterpretation of the original that didn’t stand the test of time too well, but with new artistic conception from Kazuma Muramasa and a style of play not yet seen in an English localized eroge I think it’s a game that will appeal to a pretty broad Western audience.

For more information an official site for the game is now online here. If you have a few bucks laying around that you don’t know what to do with I’d say there are worse options than supporting a fledgling industry in its attempts at world domination bringing eroge to English-speaking audiences around the world. (no more)

You can support HD by purchasing Lightning Warrior Raidy at J-List, or by simply purchasing it anywhere it’s legally sold.

Figure Review: Miyabiya’s Bible Black Imari Kurumi

When we first came across this kit last November I was excited by the prospect of a Bible Black figure coming from a maker other than the infamous C-Works. As the flagship release from a maker new to the scene I felt Miyabiya’s Imari was worth checking out, and the previews painted a guardedly optimistic picture of what lay in store – but just how does she stack up against the competition? Read on!

TV anime Slayers REVOLUTION official site open

We first broke the news of a new Slayers TV anime back in February, and this evening we’re happy to report that the official site for Slayers REVOLUTION is now online! Details posted to the site reveal that the cast and staff remain unchanged from the original Slayers TV series (with the exception of J.C. STAFF now helming animation production), which is significant as it marks the return of seiyuu goddess Hayashibara Megumi to the small screen as Lina Inverse (the most recent of her increasingly infrequent TV appearances was as the childhood version of the school principal in episode nine of Manabi Straight). She will be joined by Matsumoto Yasunori as Gourry, Midorikawa Hikaru as Zelgadis, and Suzuki Masami as Amelia. Watanabe Takashi reprises his directorial role, and character design is from mangaka Araizumi Rui and Miyata Naomi. Series composition (writing) is from Takayama Jirou, who in addition to Slayers Next and Try also wrote several episodes of King Gainer. According to Moon Phase Diary the story will be a mix of elements from the original work that have yet to be animated, and material newly created expressly for the show.

I was never much of a Slayers fan back when the show was really popular, but this new incarnation looks like a lot of fun. I’ll be keeping an eye on it as development moves forward. (no more)

Goodsmile announces Ryougi Shiki PVC

We noted in the aftermath of Wonder Festival 2008 Winter that Goodsmile would be producing a figure of Ryougi Shiki, the enigmatic protagonist of Type-Moon’s Kara no Kyoukai novel and film series. Photography at the event was prohibited, but today that ban was lifted by this official Goodsmile blog post announcing the figure’s production. No information beyond the single photo and the scale (1/8) has yet been revealed, but we’ll be watching for further news in coming days. (no more)

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President Japan “Shining” series trio preorders open

Three of the Shining series figures from President Japan (Eye Ball/Eye Scream) we’ve had our eye on for the past few months went up for preorder simultaneously today, with listings appearing at Kotobukiya’s online shop. First up is Seena Kanon from Shining Wind [PA], who’s set for release in July at 1/8 scale (28 cm tall) and 8,190 yen retail. Next is Houmei, also from Shining Wind, set for release at 1/8 scale (14.5 cm tall) and 8,190 yen retail; her listing is not accompanied by a release date, but July seems like a logical guess. Finally we have Maple from Shining Tears [PA], presented at a stunning 1/1 scale, 38.2 cm tall and due out in July at 18,900 yen. Sculptor information for all three figures is currently unavailable. We’ll update this post with additional details and images as they come online; current images below. Update: full image galleries now online: