We reported last month on the production of a PVC incarnation of a Mogudan-inspired Kanu Unchou resin kit we first saw at Wonder Festival, and this evening the rumors have solidified with a preorder listing up at Amiami for U-Art’s Ikkitousen Kanu Unchou (normal color Mogudan ver.). The kit will be produced by the U-Art brand, not Beagle as earlier reported; I’m only familiar with the maker in the context of their collaboration on earlier Ikkitousen kits so I’m not sure what to expect in terms of quality. The sculpt is from Satou Hisanori (?) of Daikokuya Koubou, and she’s scheduled for release in June at 1/7 scale (height unlisted) and 7,800 yen retail. Her skirt and blouse are fully castoffable.

My initial thought was that this design was very loosely lifted from Mogudan’s illustration in the official Ikkitousen DD fanbook issued by Toranoana last year, but subsequent perusal of 2chan’s mokeura board turned up a different image that much more closely matched the figure’s pose. It seems I neglected to save it then, but I’ll post it when I manage to track it down again. Figure images below:

For a kit supposedly based on Shiozaki Yuuji’s Kanu design as rendered by Mogudan this looks distressingly unlike the work of either; I’ll probably end up ordering it regardless because I’m stupid that way, but I wish they’d brought a different sculptor on to the project.

If you’d like to join me in indiscriminate Kanu addiction U-Art’s Mogudan Kanu is currently available for preorder at Play-Asia.

Update: apparently this Kanu belongs to a new U-Art series called “Bladeworx”. More information on this as it becomes available.