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Zero no Tsukaima 3 brings Otoko no Roman

The hype is heating up for the third season of Zero no Tsukaima, now officially subtitled 三美姫の輪舞 Princesse no Rondo (official site | Wikipedia). Hobby Channel is the latest to add fuel to the flames with a teaser look at the designs for the buxom Tifania, the elf whose appearance in the series has been long awaited by fans of the original novels. Those who’ve been watching [ERO] Ishikei’s work for awhile will recall a very good reason to anticipate Tifania’s arrival on the scene… not to mention that she’s voiced by Noto Mamiko. The series is scheduled to air this summer.

Clayz’s Yuki Release Details Scooped

The official Dengeki Moeoh blog posted this evening with details on the release of Clayz’s Yuki figure from Suigetsu, the same one we scooped at the Miyazawa Mokei spring expo back in March. It seems the details from the March posting were tentative, as she’s been revised to a September release date with no officially set price. She’s still 1/6 scale, pre-painted PVC and with a sculpt from Miyakawa Takeshi of T’s system, though.

DLsite Affiliate Program Engaged!

Heisei Democracy DLsite affiliate link button

Leading doujin/eroge/eroanime download sales site began a new affiliate program at the beginning of April, and as of today HD has entered the ranks of those competing for a sliver of your purchasing yen. I’m personally incredibly happy that they took this step, as it’s a great way to provide even more of an incentive for those of us excited about the world of amateur Japanese (and international) creators to evangelize their work. I’ll be continuing to point out relevant DLsite content as in the past, only it will now be linked through the affiliate program so part of your purchase (should you choose to make one) will go toward helping the site develop and expand.

Anime! Anime! Anime!

I hear tell there’s a whole new season of the stuff out and about! I’ve watched five first episodes over the past couple of days and have a few more on tap for this evening… I was trying to get a season preview done before this avalanche started, but facts on the ground now dictate that it be something of a postview instead. Said post is still percolating in draft form, and will be served when it reaches the proper golden brown and crispy hue.