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Other Headlines

Today I got my hands on a copy of the [ERO] Toranoana reissue of the Taka Tony-designed dakimakura pillowcase originally released at Comiket 73.

This is the Tony pillowcase that went up for limited edition reissue via mail order from Toranoana back in February. Now that it’s finally arrived I must say that for the price, it doesn’t disappoint – it’s made from the less expensive inelastic slick/shiny fabric used for pillows distributed as extras with magazines and games, but the fabric offers a correspondingly higher fidelity as a printing surface and yields a pleasant and highly accurate reproduction of Tony’s art. As the case is 45 cm wide I wouldn’t recommend forcing a 50 cm pillow into it (which I ended up having to do), though it seems it’ll do in a pinch.

The pillowcase is currently available in very limited quantity (there are five left as of posting) at J-List, and a purchase made via that link will help support HD; otherwise Yahoo Auctions is likely the only other source of the item at this point.


Looks like we made it through the week! A lot of excitement buzzing around HD headquarters these days what with the new anime season starting up, news of the new Fate game and a lot of renewed activity on the site that I’m really psyched to be working on. I’m planning to spend tomorrow catching up with news on the anime and ero fronts, as well as gather a few of the more important bits of figure news mentioned in passing over the week into a post that gives them the attention they deserve. This Sunday is Hobby Complex 03 Tokyo, and my current plan is to hoof it down to the Big Sight to check it out. If all goes well a preliminary review of the event will surface on Sunday night.

A quick reminder that we’ve renewed our affiliate program with YesAsia and have joined the new CDJapan program as well, and all purchases made through those links will help support HD site bandwidth costs and future activities. Any and all support – whether via affiliates or just an e-pat on the back – is immensely appreciated!