Coming after last week’s release bonanza the first week of April was fairly light, with only three original releases and a handful of reissues newly arriving to store shelves today. The three new titles include Maika’s most recent full price offering, and new budget games from Eroro and Flap – the last of which, Bojou Ninjutsu Kunoichi PonPon!!, is my personal pick of the week. Symmetrically docking ninja girls for the win… :3 Questions are welcome as usual, and any comments on the presentation are appreciated.

Uchuu Keiji Soldiban

Sanin Ningyou ~Inran Counseling~

  • Maker: Eroro
  • Genre: Adventure, Hypnotism / Mind Control, Coercion
  • Price: 1,890 yen
  • Design: uncredited
  • Scenario: various
  • Notes: budget title available for immediate purchase via download

Bojou Ninjutsu Kunoichi PonPon!!