April Fools Stragglers

Sekirei Anime Trailer Online!


Sony has been shuffling the URL over the past couple of hours so I’m not sure where it will finally end up, but as of posting it can be accessed here (but only via Internet Explorer, because this is Sony and we know they like their DRM!). They’ve also graciously provided a set of ready-made screen shots, which despite being in Flash are much nicer than any that could be taken from the video at the bitrate it’s offered.

The video is 2 minutes 18 seconds, with enough content to get a feel of where they’re going with the animation (for the first few episodes at least). It’s not the best work I’ve seen but it’s not at all terrible either, and I’m guardedly optimistic – the designs are pretty well adapted from the manga, which is the most important thing, and it doesn’t seem like they’re censoring things much (though the DVD version will be a must, given the amount of nekkid Musubi action that can be expected). I can’t wait to see more, especially once the voice work is in place.

Facts and Figures


Tonight’s acquisitions! Miku, Pocco, and Ryomou, the three stooges of hotness. Or something. Reviews of all will be coming as soon as I can recover some of the enormous sleep deficit I seem to have accumulated over the past several nights. For now, if you’d like to purchase any of them via the links above I would be terribly obliged.

In a final word tonight before I keel over, interesting things are afoot in the world of anime. I have decidedly mixed feelings toward Gonzo, but this is the kind of innovation the industry desperately needs – for the sake of all concerned, fans and creators alike, I hope it succeeds. More on this and other anime and figure stuff soon.