We finally get caught up with the last few weeks of figure coverage in tonight’s update, which includes a ton of odds and ends pulled from all around the bishoujo figure universe, many of them meant for mature audiences only. We take a closer look at Questioners’ Shiratori Amane, pass by Griffon’s Queen’s Blade Echidna, look at a new “soft parts” figure line from Gigapulse, note some To Heart 2 trading figures from Toys Planning, get a first glimpse of a Kotobukiya’s Nekomiya Nono along with their Bamboo Blade Tama-chan, take in Resinya’s Kudryavka and Shana, speculate as to the castoffability of Daiki’s Seyada Tara, get an uncensored look at the Comic LO trading figures we mentioned the other day, take a censored look beneath the skirts of Griffon’s china dress Ryomou and Kanu, take a closer look at Yamato’s 2008 lineup courtesy of Hobby Channel, and more. There’s something in this update for just about everyone, I dare say!


Amiami has updated their [ERO] Questioners Shiratori Amane gallery with a bunch of really nice shots that show off just what we’re getting for the nearly 10,000 yen sticker price. I’ll be ecstatic if the finished PVC ends up on par with this… if you’d like to support HD, she can be ordered at Play-Asia at a very competitive price. Edit: Play-Asia’s preallocation has unfortunately sold out. She’s still available elsewhere, however.


Preorders are now open for Griffon’s R-Line Echidna cold cast/resin hybrid pre-painted figure from Queen’s Blade. The sculpt is from Takeuchi Koutarou, and she’s coming at 1/6 scale (height unknown) in June at 16,590 yen. Castoffable. Kind of reminds me of the Bruce Payne character in the Dungeons and Dragons movies.

gigapulse_punyu_hanon2.jpg gigapulse_punyu_hanon1.jpg

Ero figure maker Gigapulse has announced a new lineup that they’re calling “Giga-Punyu.” As the onomatopoeia suggests the figures in this line will be made of “soft” materials, allowing you to punyu~ them to your heart’s delight. The characters presented seem to be Gigapulse originals and details regarding pricing and the exact release configurations are scant, but they’re due out “this summer” so more information should be coming online soon.


Toys Planning has posted an entry on their official blog with photos of the prototypes for a set of To Heart 2 figures they’re currently producing. Nine figures are shown here, but the set will contain a total of 18 including figures from the recently released Another Days; they’re 6 cm tall and scheduled to retail in an as-yet undetermined configuration at approximately 500 yen each. The set is still relatively early in its development so we’ll be looking for more details in the future.

kotobukiya_nekomiya_nono.JPG kotobukiya_bamboo_blade_tama-chan.jpg

Kotobukiya has posted unpainted prototypes of two new PVCs they have in the works on their official blog. The first is Nekomiya Nono (cat ears school swimsuit thigh-highs ver.) from Yotsunoha, due out in August at 1/6 scale (a tad over 20 cm tall). The second is Kawazoe Tamaki (“Tama-chan”) from Bamboo Blade, clad in her full kendo gear. She’s due out in August as well at 1/8 scale.

resinya_noumi.jpg resinya_shana.jpg

Resinya has posted with the news that they’re producing a Noumi Kudryavka PVC from Little Busters! and a Shana PVC from Shakugan no Shana II. Both are due out in June, with the Noumi sculpt from Onsen Tengoku and the Shana sculpt from Hiroshi of Sakurazensen. Both are 1/6 scale, with price as yet undecided.


Just how castoffable is Daiki Kougyou‘s Vispo-sculpted Seyada Tara PVC figure? The final answer to this question is currently unknown as we have not yet seen any photographs of the PVC prototype in castoff state, but there are hints to be found. The first is on Vispo’s site, where pictures of the original kit in fully nekkid state are available. It seems Daiki required him to sculpt some sort of undergarment for her for the PVC version (as can be seen at Amiami); whether this will be removable or not seems to be the primary question, as Daiki’s 18+ age rating for the product indicates a basic castoffability similar to that visible in the above image. We’ll be on the look out for more information on this should it surface before the figure goes on sale.


Those interested in an uncensored look at the Comic LO trading figure set we mentioned recently can find it here, courtesy of online shop Web Omocha. Further information on the release of these figures is available here.

china_dress_ryomou_nopan.jpg china_dress_kanu_nopan.jpg

According to Moeyo’s Miyazawa Mokei exhibition coverage from last week, Griffon’s Ryomou Shimei (china dress DVD jacket ver.) and Kanu Unchou (china dress DVD jacket ver.) PVCs from Ikkitousen are both sporting decidedly little in the way of underwear. That is to say, none at all. It’s doubtful that there’s much articulation beneath, but could be an argument for elevated clear plastic display bases… note that buying through either of the above links will help support HD, should you be so inclined.

Hobby Channel got in bed with Yamato over the past week and together they produced a bevy of offspring in the form of exclusive looks at much of the brand’s figure lineup over the next several months:


VMF Variable Motion Figure Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. Kusanagi Motoko

  • Source: Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
  • Release: Summer 2008
  • Scale: 1/7 (23 cm tall)
  • Sculptor: unknown
  • Price: 8,190 yen
  • Notes: 16 points of articulation, various accessories, removable jacket

sakurahime_polystone.jpg sakurahime_creators_labo.jpg

Creators’ Labo Gensakuban Plawres Sanshiro Sakurahime polystone statue and PVC

  • Source: Plawres Sanshiro
  • Release: unknown / unknown
  • Scale: unknown / 1/1 (31 cm tall)
  • Sculptor: Fujiura Toui (TOY’S Brand)
  • Price: unknown/unknown
  • Notes: laying down is polystone, standing is PVC


Story Image Figure EX Yuria 100-Shiki’s Yuria PVC

  • Source: Yuria 100-Shiki
  • Release: September 2008
  • Scale:
  • Sculptor: zenko (Iousen)
  • Price: 8,190 yen
  • Notes: “naked apron” is castoffable


Story Image Figure EX Food Girls Nasubi-sama


VMF Variable Motion Figure Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny Ryomou Shimei (maid outfit ver.)

  • Source: Ikkitousen
  • Release: Summer 2008
  • Scale: 1/7 (23 cm tall)
  • Sculptor:
  • Price: 8,190 yen
  • Notes: 19 points of articulation, castoffable skirt

A few final tidbits:

  • An audio commercial for Lily Salvatana is up at Alter
  • “sweat and sweat” – official listings up for Wafuudou Ganguten’s Cerberus-sculpted Manaka, Sasara PVCs
  • Nendoroid Haruhi, Yuki to be reissued in May