News of the Day

Figure: Bishoujo figure preorder roundup
Figure: Beagle does Mogudan’s Kanu Unchou

There comes a point in the fandom of even the most zealous Kanuite when one has to ask: when will the madness cease? I mean I’m all for being mad (in the cheerfully insane sense), but how many Kanu figures can be put on the market before the slightly less nutty among us stop buying every one that so much as flashes a pair of panties in our general direction? After this latest round of announcements I have a feeling we may finally find out.

If Horo is the spice, Hisahiko is holding all the apples

I would like to assert that Hisahiko, the source of today’s thumbnail image, draws the best Horo on the planet. Nay, it is my theory that he was in fact born to draw this particular lupine female, and I heartily recommend that he continue to do so until the second season of the anime is announced. There will be one, right? RIGHT? In other Horo news, Toranoana’s Cafe with Cat will be transformed into Cafe with Wolf for the weekend of April 4-6. I’m very tempted to take the economics lesson / three hour journey required to check it out…

Animated Tana from Pixy


In more pornographic news, word is in that the TANA-illustrated Lilith Mist budget eroge Shion will be receiving a Pixy anime adaptation. Both Getchu and Game Style bring news and screen shots from the first episode, which is looking nice despite a design mismatch that leaves most of Tana’s distinctive quality behind. Character designer Iijima Hiroya‘s past work is solid, and I’m looking forward to what we can expect to see upon release later this month (the 22nd for the download version, the 28th for the package version).

That’s all from me for tonight. Plans for a figure review evaporated when I got home after work and found I’d missed the delivery guy, but vengeance postponed is all the sweeter – reviews will resume soon!