News of the Day

I’m slowly working through the backlog of figure news from the past week or so. There are a bunch of new preorders to pull together in a comprehensive post, as well other odds and ends from various sources that’ll probably make for another separate post as well.

donne_anonime_pillow_01.jpg donne_anonime_pillow_02.jpg

The Donne Anonime hug pillowcase from Cospa that we’d been looking at since December finally came in a week or so ago, and today I took a couple of photos. This is definitely the nicest Cospa pillow I’ve had the pleasure of seeing up close, primarily due to the great Niθ art (she’s from Nitro+’s Tre Donne Crudeli / Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango, for those who need a refresher). If Cospa would make this into a series with a case for each of the game’s three heroines I’d die happy (and smothered in pillows :3).

The 2008 iteration of the Tokyo International Anime Fair will be held from March 27th through the 30th, and I’m waffling on whether I want to go or not. The deadline for press application was today and I opted not to file, so if I do go it will be on one of the two “public days” over the weekend. I’ve never been before and I’m not sure if this is the year I want to start, but the timing is decent and it looks like it might be a fun event so I’m still thinking of it as a possibility. My interests of late have veered in the direction of figures and eroge so I’m not quite as well equipped to cover the event from a deep perspective, but this could be a good incentive to brush up on the ol’ anime cred…

If I do go to TAF it could mean two weekends at the Big Sight in a row, as the following weekend (April 6th) is Hobby Complex 03 Tokyo. With WHF Ariake 18 a scant month later whether I go to this one will likely be dependent on the array of circles that decide to show up – I’ll be investigating more closely as the event nears.