This post contains details on several figures made newly available for preorder in the past week or so, featuring a whole lot of Ikkitousen from Griffon, Amie Gran, and Musashiya, as well as a great looking Shana from Minhel of Blond Parrot, an ero loli Comic LO trading figure collection, Miyabiya’s Takashiro-sensei from Bible Black that we scooped back in January, the Sano Toshihide designed, Vispo sculpted Shiratori Amane PVC we’ve been tracking for ages, and a whole lot more!


Toys Planning’s Comic LO Figure Collection


Musashiya’s Ryomou Shimei VI cold cast (miniskirt police ver.)


Musashiya’s Ryuubi Gentoku cold cast (white shirt ver.)

  • Source: Ikkitousen
  • Release: June 2008
  • Scale: 1/6 (27 cm long)
  • Sculptor: ZOOM
  • Price: 17,640
  • Notes:


Yamato’s SIF EX Pretty Cat’s Show Time Lesson B (black lingerie ver.)


Yamato’s Sylia and Moto Slave action figure set

  • Source: Bubblegum Crisis
  • Release: July 2008
  • Scale: non. (Sylia is 11 cm tall, bike is 14 cm/15 cm in Motoroid form)
  • Sculptor: Namiki Kusa
  • Price: 7,140 yen
  • Notes: Companion to the earlier announced Priss


Jun Planning’s Louise (bustier whip ver.)

  • Source: Zero no Tsukaima
  • Release: June 2008
  • Scale: 1/8 (17 cm tall)
  • Sculptor: unknown
  • Price: 4,515 yen
  • Notes: comes with exchangeable wand part


Miyabiya’s Takashiro Hiroko-sensei PVC

  • Source: Bible Black
  • Release: June 2008
  • Scale: 1/8 (15 cm tall)
  • Sculptor: Souden Sonamae
  • Price: 5,670 yen
  • Notes: bra and skirt are castoffable, originally scooped here


Taki Corporation’s Horo PVC


Griffon’s Ryomou Shimei (sword-wielding maid ver.)

  • Source: Ikkitousen
  • Release: May 2008
  • Scale: 1/7 (22.5 cm tall)
  • Sculptor: Akeji (ASCI L.E.D)
  • Price: 6,825 yen
  • Notes: looks castoffable…


Griffon’s R-Line Teni Combat ver. DX red color ver. PVC

  • Source: Ikkitousen
  • Release: June 2008
  • Scale: 1/7 (30.5 cm tall, base included)
  • Sculptor: Yamamoto Masahiro
  • Price: 7,875 yen
  • Notes: castoffable, “damage version” dress part beneath


Griffon’s Shana (jean shorts and bikini ver.) PVC


Bandai’s Figure Meister To Love-Ru trading figure set

  • Source: To Love-Ru
  • Release: June 2008
  • Scale: non. (12 cm tall)
  • Sculptor: unknown
  • Price: 6,720 yen (box of 8)
  • Notes:

Cafe Reo / Questioners' Shiratori Amane PVC from Anata no Shiranai Kangofu, Sano Toshihide, and Vispo

Questioners’ / Jun Planning’s Shiratori Amane PVC

  • Source: Anata no Shiranai Kangofu
  • Release: June 2008
  • Scale: 1/6 (21 cm tall)
  • Sculptor: Katagiri Katsuhirovis (Vispo)
  • Price: 9,800 yen
  • Notes: castoff pictures here, original design by Sano Toshihide, available at a good price at Play-Asia (your purchase helps HD!)


Amie Gran’s pre-painted polystone Kanu Unchou

  • Source: Ikkitousen
  • Release: June 2008
  • Scale: 1/7 (23 cm, base included)
  • Sculptor: Ikeda Ryou
  • Price: 14,490 yen
  • Notes: comes with “damage version” alternate blouse and skirt parts, some assembly required