Today brings a bountiful harvest of figure news, starting with word from FREEing that their Lucky Star trading figures will see reissue in May (both sets), moving on to a firm release date for Alter’s Kuro no Franco, news regarding a Kodomo no Jikan Nendoroid series, a look at Eye Scream’s Shining Wind Shiina (Seena), a loliriffic Murasaki from Kure-nai, a Pinky Street Mikuru, and a look at Aoshima’s To Heart 2 itasha – plenty of good news to go around!

freeing_luckystar_1.jpg freeing_luckystar_2.jpg

FREEing‘s Lucky Star trading figure sets 1 and 2 are scheduled for reissue in May, according to the Goodsmile official site. Each set consists of five figures + 1 secret, and they retail at 420 yen each or 4,200 yen for a box of ten.


Alter updated their shipping schedule with the news that their Kuro no Franco PVC from Nitro+’s Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango (Tre Donne Crudeli) will be released on March 27th. Good news to finally have a date, for those of us who’ve been waiting impatiently for the past few months… Lily Salvatana, the final figure in Alter’s Jango trilogy, was on display at Wonder Festival with a scheduled July release.

  • Haven’t picked up your copy of Franco yet? She’s still available for preorder at Play Asia!

kojika_website_rin.jpg dengeki_kyon_figma.jpg

According to the Dengeki HOBBYWEB news blog, during a live recording of the Kodomo no Jikan web radio at Wonder Festival it was announced that a Kojika Nendoroid series would be produced. As far as I know the project is still in its planning stages as there were no prototypes on display at the event, but we’ll keep an eye out for further news. Dengeki Hobby also has a look at the Figma lineup it was safe to photograph at the event, including the Haruhi main cast in dance mode.


The official blog for figure maker Eye Scream has been updated with a look at their upcoming Shining Wind Shiina (Seena), in color! According to the blog entry this is the first in what is to be a series of Shining Wind figures from the maker, whose production was delayed by half a year but is now back on schedule. This is still just a prototype shot and not the finished product, but we’ll be eagerly awaiting further news on the development of this series.


The fourth installment of Shueisha’s Solid Selection figure series has been announced as Kuhouin Murasaki, heroine of the Kure-nai light novel, manga and upcoming anime series (the source of this particular scoop). She’ll be coming out in late August at 1/8 scale (no height given) and 6,000 yen, with a sculpt from Hatsuda Kouichirou (known in the past for his work on a pair of Blame! figures and not much else, apparently).


Following the Pinky Haruhi announced a couple of months ago, a preorder is now open for a Vance Project Pinky Street version of Mikuru! She retails at 1,680 yen, is due out in April and comes with two bodies (summer school uniform and maid uniform) and various other Mikuruish accessories.


Online shop Digitamin has posted the first photos of Aoshima’s upcoming To Heart 2 itasha to their official blog. The car is based on a Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno and comes with all the decals you need to craft your very own TH2-themed otaku ride. It’s 1/24 scale, and scheduled to retail at 3,570 yen in mid-April. Photos can be found at the Digitamin Rakuten shop product listing as well.