I was planning to push out the final installment of our Wonder Festival coverage this evening, but lack of sleep for the past few days has turned my brain into a puddle of goo that can’t bear to string more than a few words together at a time. Tomorrow for sure!

News of the Day:

Other Headlines:

We’ll take a closer look at some of these tomorrow to see exactly what’s going on.

In site news, following input on the redesign we’ve created an option for those who would prefer to view HD content in a single chronological feed in the main column. This can be done by clicking the “All” link in the upper right corner of the layout, or going here; browsing this way means you’ll never miss content when it’s posted to one of the new sections of the site! Hopefully this will help ease the transition to the new layout for all concerned (myself included).

Whew… it’s dinner and then off to bed for me early tonight! Wonder Festival coverage concludes tomorrow.