Figure news from the past day, including the preorder availability of a Sky Girls Sonic Diver Fuujin action figure from FREEing, Taki Corporation’s castoffable Eruru from Utawarerumono, and a Code Geass Cornelia polystone courtesy of B-Club. Also: Max Factory’s Figma Saber is selling better than expected (largely sold out, in fact), and some last minute chances on a few other items of interest.


Preorders and an official Goodsmile page are now up for FREEing‘s Sonic Diver Reijin mecha / action figure set from Sky Girls. The set is due out in June at 7,800 yen retail, and stands 20 cm tall (sonic diver) or 11 cm tall (Karen Sonomiya), both are non-scale.


A listing was posted last night at figure shop Sproutoy for Taki Corporation’s castoffable Eruru PVC from Utawarerumono (original HD scoop). She’s scheduled to retail in April at 9,240 yen, 1/6 scale, and comes with two exchangeable sets of clothing. In other news from Taki, they have an alternate color red uniform version of their Kanu Unchou (school uniform ver.) figure up for preorder at Amiami today, with specifications similar to the original and due out in March. No pictures of this one yet, though I swear I’ve seen her somewhere…


Amiami put a preorder up yesterday evening for a Cornelia polystone figure from Code Geass and Bandai subsidiary B-Club. She’s scheduled for release in May at 1/7 scale (23.5 cm tall) and a rather steep 16,590 yen retail; the listing claims she was originally a garage kit and I do recall seeing her somwhere before, but can’t quite place her. Wish some better pictures were available…

figma_saber_sold_out.jpg figma_haruhi_not_sold_out.jpg

While my back was turned it seems that Max Factory’s Figma Saber has sold out at most Japanese online shops. If you were on the fence regarding a preorder now might be a good time to hunt her down, as it seems this first batch of the figure may be all accounted for on the day she hits retail in April… I expect she’ll see reissue relatively soon, but if speed is everything and you’d like to support HD you can find her available for preorder at Play-Asia and J-List (order going up there later today). Now I need to figure out where I’m going to get my copy… ;_; Note that while Saber is rapidly vanishing, Haruhi still seems to be widely available.

cattleya_red.jpg solid_winchan.jpg kotobukiya_kureha.jpg

If you’ve been waiting to snipe either the solo alternate color version of Cattleya or Solid Theater’s Win-chan, both are now in stock and shipping! This isn’t reflected in their Play Asia listings, but keeping an eye on them could prove to be rewarding… also, Amiami has updated their listing for Kotobukiya’s Kureha PVC from Shining Wind with a gallery of images from the final production model, and she’s looking really nice. She’s still available for preorder at Play-Asia, to boot – release is expected in April.