Like mana from heaven, like prize figures from a UFO catcher claw, like hot resin into a garage kit mold – yeah, the most backward and haughty of companies has finally learned of democracy in this, year 20 of the Heisei era! This evening Volks unveiled an extension of their recently launched PVC collaboration with Alice Soft: they’re making figures based on various Alice game franchises, and they’re letting people vote on who they want to see out in PVC! Details below:

Volks and Alice Soft team up - vote on your favorite Rance character and she'll be made into a PVC figure!

First up to the plate is the venerable Rance series of games, with a total of 77 votable characters from the past three games (Sengoku Rance, Rance 6, and Rance 5D) as available targets. It’s one vote per IP address per day, so vote early and vote often (until votes close on March 20th), and may the best man woman (no men allowed) win!

I hope they’re not planning to limit the Rance series to a single figure, as given her current popularity it will likely end up as Uesugi Kenshin (though Yamamoto Isoroku, Kouhime, Suzume, Sheel, Rizuna, Maria, Kanami, and some others will likely be popular as well). Regardless, this is a pretty stunning and revolutionary move for the normally isolationist, elite and creme-de-la-limited-edition people at Volks. Here’s hoping it’s the beginning of better things to come!

Update: Interesting… as of 11:00 PM tonight Urza (ウルザ) is winning with 7.6 percent of the (very early) vote. I went for for Suzume myself. :3